Ian Thomas

Hi everyone, originally Australian but now serving British Army, keen to maximise health and longevity through optimal nutrition and exercise so I’m able to enjoy an active retirement and be around for kids and grandkids.

Possible podcast guest

Brian Sanders hey Brian, not sure about the etiquette of making suggestions like this, but I’ve been following a guy on YouTube who I reckon would have some real insight on Peak Human.

He’s in the ‘move intensely’ camp as a US Marine, and you can see him doing some insane bodyweight calisthenics and achieving some serious results. Although watching a guy do 700 continuous burpees has got to be up there with watching paint dry, he nevertheless has a pretty extensive followership and could be an entertaining guest.

I know you like to get all points of view across on PH, so you might be interested to know he’s dabbling with a vegetarian diet and is most definitely not low carb. I suspect he’s anti SAD, though and he seems to eat pretty clean.

He’s known as Art “Iron Wolf” and goes by Iron Wolf on YouTube and Iron Wolf 718 on IG.

I assume you have a full card of guests, but he might be a good one to have in the lineup.